Written from the unborn baby’s endearing perspective, The Miracle of Me is about life in the womb. Using simple language and poetry, the reader goes on a week-by-week journey on how the baby grows and develops during pregnancy. God is cited as the baby’s ultimate miracle maker. Everyday objects like rulers and scales make it easy to visualize the baby’s progress but the most impactful feature of the book is the use of real in-utero photography. Expecting moms and young children alike foster an early connection with the baby in their life through this medically accurate yet entertaining book.

I wish I would have received this book while I was pregnant. I would have thoroughly enjoyed the creative way in which fetal development is showcased in this book, The Miracle of Me: From Conception to Birth. The author goes through a week by week format in which she not only tells you a little bit of what’s happening that week (fetal development-wise) but it is done with a cute poem.

Along with the week by week poems are amazing photos of actual babies in the womb during that time period. While they don’t do every week, you get a photo on every page or so. There is also a measuring tape to show you approximately how big they are during that given week.

I felt the book was absolutely adorable and would be a fabulous gift to give a “big brother or sister” so they can feel included in the pregnancy and understand what is going on with the growth of their new sibling.

The past two times that I have been pregnant (and given birth) I hadn’t seen a book that could relate scientific knowledge of fetal development to a younger person and in such a creative way. While there are plenty of children’s books that lightly touch on the subject of “bringing a new sibling home”, The Miracle of Me does so in a realistic way.








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