This book is great for sharing your pregnancy with little ones from a Christian perspective in language they understand and with pictures to show them many developmental stages along the way. The book uses simple language and poetry as it takes readers on a week-by-week journey on how the baby develops during pregnancy.


"Everyday objects like a ruler and scales make it easy to visualize the baby's progress, but the most impactful feature of the book is the use of real in-utero photography."

Even though my pregnancy is now over, I had a great time reading this book to Isabella anyway, and she enjoyed seeing the stages of pregnancy. She vividly remembers her "Sissy" being in Mommy's belly and going to the hospital so the doctor could "take her out."

Now, she knows how her "Sissy" developed!

This is a fantastic resource for explaining pregnancy to children and would make a wonderful gift to any expectant mother.





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