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Religious Books for Children

In today’s troubled world, parents can use all the help they can get in teaching their children about morality, values and human kindness. Sharing faith-based or religious books together is one way to “get the message across” without being heavy-handed. The following wonderful children’s book have recently crossed my path:

The Miracle of Me: From Conception to Birth
By Amy B. Pedersen

Children are always fascinated when their mother or another woman is expecting a baby. They want to know how that little child can fit into Mommy’s tummy and what he looks like inside. The Miracle of Me takes children on a week-by-week journey through pregnancy from the baby’s perspective! And it’s all told through the use of beautiful poetry and fascinating photography. For example, Week 2 says, “I’ll be such a blessing, just you wait and see, I’m a miracle of life—a gift from God—that’s me!” Week 21 shows an incredible in-the-womb photo of a baby sucking her thumb. The accompanying verse says, “I bend and stretch and I bump Mommy’s tummy and I am already very smart. I look like a small newborn and I’m stronger now, especially my muscles, bones, and heart.”


Children and adults alike will be fascinated by this look into the miracle of a baby’s development.


Learn more about The Miracle of Me and order at www.themiracleofme.com.





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