When I became pregnant with Gauge, my little girl began asking me all kinds of typical 2 year old questions.  She wanted to know what the baby looked like, how big the baby was, and how long the baby was going to be in Mommy's tummy.  I wish I would have had a copy of The Miracle of Me two years ago! 


The Miracle of Me was written by Amy Pedersen while she herself was experiencing the same situation of explaining her pregnancy to her first child. 

Written from the unborn baby's perspective, The Miracle of Me is about life in the womb from conception to birth. Using simple language and poetry, it features a week-by-week account of how the baby grows and develops. This work is relevant to a variety of audiences. While it is simple enough for children, it is enlightening to expecting mothers as well. Rulers and scales are used to visually mark the progress of the baby. The most impactful feature of the book, however, is the use of real in-utero photography. These gentle pictures help the reader, both young and old, see how the child grows and develops. The baby recognizes that he/she was designed by God and that God has special plans for him/her. - Product Description from Amazon




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