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I can vividly remember when I was pregnant how I wanted to read everything I could on what was happening inside of me. And now after 4 pregnancies, I still find the miracle of a life forming awe inspiring.


To see pictures of your little one(s) growing and developing their bodies, brains, and personalities so early is something we all look at and go "WOW!" And before you ask, no I am not expecting again.


Even though the Ape keeps dreaming of me standing at the front door with a HPT.

In the book
Miracle of Me by Amy Pedersen, you get a unique view of what is going on in there. There are some very good pictures of life inside the womb, and along every page is a ruler. The ruler serves the purpose of telling you how long your baby is at that week. Each page holds a different week, and a little write up about how big the baby is and what is developing.

Miracle of Me would make a great baby shower gift! Or a great gift for a family that has kids and are expecting again. The book is written in such a way that even my 2 year olds were able to listen and hear what was going on each week.







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