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About the Book
Inspired by her own need for a child-friendly resource to explain pregnancy to her young child, Amy Pedersen began her Christian parenting journey with
The Miracle of Me from conception to birth.


Written from the unborn baby's perspective, The Miracle of Me is an entertaining, yet medically-accurate, children’s book about how the baby grows and develops each week. Through the simple language and poetry as well as everyday objects like rulers and scales, pregnancy and fetal development are explained in terms that children can understand. The most impacting feature of the book, however, is the beautiful in-utero photography. Children (and adults alike) can visualize and appreciate the little one in the womb as a result… A wonderful resource for all expectant mothers!

I received a copy of this wonderful book not too long ago and wanted to share it with my readers.
The Miracle of ME from Conception to Birth is a great synopsis of the pregnancy process from the perspective of an unborn baby.


I love how the book is published in a sweet little kid friendly font and the pictures are just amazing.


This book is perfect for Moms and Dads to read to soon to be big brothers and sisters and is in a language that little ones can understand...mostly :) I wish I had known about this book when Jenna and Michael were younger, but I still let them read this and this moved into "The Talk" with Jenna. She is certainly old enough, having already gone through a sexual education class in school that I was able to easily talk to her about how babies are made and where they come from (literally). Honestly there wasn't any embarrassment at all in our conversation and I am grateful that I had this book to help open up the gateway to having this discussion with her.








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