I am a mom to three beautiful children. And even with the added practice, it just never was that easy to explain the concept to my older two toddlers of a baby in Mommy's tummy! Without going into too much detail, I tried to explain it in their 'terms' but they still couldn't understand it completely.

But for now, any expecting mommy or new mom with little siblings at home will love the book, The Miracle of Me-From Conception to Birth.

The Miracle of Me is a child-friendly resource that can actually help you explain fetal development to the new big brother or sister.

Written from the unborn baby's perspective, The Miracle of Me is about the baby’s development in the womb. Although written with a child audience in mind, The Miracle of Me has been embraced by adults as well. The reader takes a week-by-week journey on how the baby progresses via simple language/poetry from the little one’s endearing view point. Using real in-utero photography, rulers and
scales, the reader can see how the little one advances in the womb.

The Miracle of Me is a great break from all the 'medical' books that expecting mothers are reading. It is a fun, but informative and real look at the sweetest, most wonderful gift of all--your developing baby! Perfect for a sibling gift as well as a baby shower/expectant mother's gift!




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