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An Irish Girl


Not only a great product for new mommies but a very good tool to fight for the pro-life movement. I am a pro-choice believer however this book inspired me to reexamine my beliefs and showed me a great alternative way of thinking about the little ones we bring into this world.


This would be excellent for a new brother or sister of a young age to learn more about what is happening in mommies tummy.

Product Description

Having just completed our sixth print run, be one of the first to get your hands on The Miracle of Me and enjoy the brand new cover design!

Written from the unborn baby’s endearing perspective, The Miracle of Me is about life in the womb. Using simple language and poetry, the reader goes on a week-by-week journey on how the baby grows and develops during pregnancy. God is cited as the baby's ultimate miracle maker. Everyday objects like rulers and scales make it easy to visualize the baby’s progress but the most impactful feature of the book is the use of real in-utero photography. Expecting moms and young children alike foster an early connection with the baby in their life through this medically accurate yet entertaining book.







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