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On Saturday, I received a book in the mail. It's called The Miracle of Me, and it was written by Amy Pedersen.

You might think that after having five children, I'd be done with pregnancy books. But nothing could be further from the truth. I love pregnancy books. When I'm pregnant, I read them religiously, even the ones I've read before. Amy sent this book to me, and I couldn't be more thrilled. This book is great. She wrote when she was pregnant with her second (I think) to help her old child understand what was going on in Mommy's tummy.

Now, if you buy this book expecting to know all there is to know about pregnancy, you'll be disappointed. But to help an older child it is perfect. Each week consists of a 4 week poem about the baby's development, and it includes phenomenal pictures of baby in the womb.


My favorite part, though, is the ruler that shows baby's size. It really helps to put things in perspective. I give this book an A+.


Thank you, Amy, for sending it to me!

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