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The Miracle of Me, written by Amy Pedersen and designed by Betty Hood and Rachael Harrington, uses simple language and poetry to teach about a baby's growth and development each week.  Real in utero photography is used along with rulers and scales to visually mark the baby's progress.  While it's simple enough for children, it's great for expecting mothers as well! 


A Very Special Book

By A. T.
What a beautiful book!  The miracle of creation unfolds week by week with real pictures of developing babies.  This is a gift I will give to all my friends who are expecting babies.  It is also perfect to share with your children so that they understand how they grew in Mommy's tummy, and how special, unique, and precious they are.  You'll get goosebumps as you read the author's poetic story that accompanies the pictures.  My favorite verse is Week 18: "The pads on my fingers and toes are blank for God to tweak. He'll add swirls and lines and other designs so I will be unique."  Buy this book, and get copies for your friends.


A book to share!

By Saticoy
As a mom-to-be I really enjoyed sharing this book with my three year old nephews!  Also with friends expecting a second child.  The verses are sweet and photos plus rulers clear about the growth of the baby inside.  Honestly, anyone would enjoy.  For me, it has been a nice break from all the info heavy pregnancy books I've been reading.  A celebration of what's to come!  I gave a copy to my midwife to add to her waiting room library.


What a wonderful blessing

By S. L.
What a beautiful book showing the miracle of life.  Perfect gift for new mothers.  I have given this book to new moms as gift at Baptism.  It is beautifully written with wonderful pictures of the stages of human development.  It is very appropriate for sharing with older brothers and sisters.


A must-have for growing families

By swimmer4
This book is a wonderful gift for parents to share with children.  It does an excellent job of describing the miracle of a growing baby in beautiful terms that children can understand and relate to the world around them.


Wow! A must-read!

By C. D.
The Miracle of Me is so special and most unique.  This is a book you must share with your children to teach them about how they grew in your tummy.  Fabulous pictures. The Miracle of Me would also make a great gift for new and expectant mothers...a perfect shower gift.


Very helpful in explaining pregnancy to kids
By S.

This book is the best simple explanation I've found of how a baby lives and grows in his or her mother's belly.  It is completely toddler appropriate and quite easy for the older children to read themselves.  I consider it a sort of Cliff Notes for how to explain pregnancy to children.  Worth it. Beautiful pictures too.


A great gift!
By J. F.

I have purchased this book at least five times now for all my friends expecting their second or third child.  It's such a unique gift and a wonderful book to read to your children about what's happening in "Mommy's Tummy".


Heart opening
By Ardy Skinner, Author of "The Lavish Cheap...

The perfection in each picture, and the revelation of life is awe-inspiring and amazing.  Anyone who is a mother (or soon to become one) will treasure this gift!


Great Book!
By G.

Great book for first time mom's to follow the development of their baby.  Also, a great addition to Pregnancy Centers to help women who may be doubting being pregnant - it shows beautifully the development of the fetus.  Great !!


A book to share with all ages
By C. M.

A beautifully written book that is appropriate to share with all ages.  Ms. Pedersen does a great job of capturing the true miracle of a developing baby.  A perfect book for new moms, grandparents to be, and older siblings anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new brother or sister.  The unbelievable pictures partnered with the author's unique text makes this book a special moment to share with your children.  Miracle of Me makes perfect gift!


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