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Jack Canfield, Amy Pedersen


"Each of us has a purpose in life. Amy Pedersen's The Miracle of Me reinforces that each of us is special and unique."

Jack Canfield, co-creator of the mega best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series.































Inspired by her own need for a child-friendly resource to explain pregnancy to her young child, Amy Pedersen began her Christian parenting journey with The Miracle of Me from conception to birth.

Written from the unborn baby's perspective, The Miracle of Me is an entertaining, yet medically-accurate, children’s book about how the baby grows and develops each week.  Through the simple language and poetry as well as everyday objects like rulers and scales, pregnancy and fetal development are explained in terms that children can understand.  The most impacting feature of the book, however, is the beautiful in-utero photography.  Children (and adults alike) can visualize and appreciate the little one in the womb as a result… A wonderful resource for all expectant mothers!

"I wish The Miracle of Me had been available when we were expecting our children; but now it is for our grandchildren.  A great tool to explain pregnancy to little people without going into the birds and the bees.  Perfect for every growing family!"  Dr William Sears, co-author of Christian Parenting and Childcare and The Baby Book, The Birth Book and the rest of the Sears Parenting Library.


"The Miracle of Me from conception to birth is to children what What to Expect When You Are Expecting is to pregnant women."  Steve Harrison, MillionDollarAuthorClub.com. 


"Every expecting Mom should have this fabulous book! Practical, informative, and entertaining, it's the perfect resource to help her explain pregnancy to her younger children...in terms they'll actually understand.  Love this book!"  Heather K. Jones, RD, author of What's Your Diet Type?


"Amy Pedersen has captured the miracle of human life in terms that make the process both exciting and fascinating for children!  This is a perfect gift book for every Big Brother or Sister-to-be!"  Tracy DeGraaf, author of the forthcoming book UGH!™ The Joys of Raising Boys-Survival Stories from a Mother of Five Boys.

"The reality of life from conception to birth has been very well portrayed in this excellent book."  Dr. Gerry Sotomayer, OB/GYN


"The Miracle of Me is a lovely reminder that we are all God's creations, each special in our own way.  It's true. He certainly has a plan for each and every one of us."
Teresa Tomeo, author, motivation speaker, and syndicated Catholic talk show host


"'Not only a great product for new mommies but a very good tool to fight for the pro-life movement.  I am a pro choice believer, however this book inspired me to reexamine my beliefs and showed me a great alternative way of thinking about the little ones we bring into this world."   DJ6ual: An Irish Girl Blog












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